About the Competition

The Competition

The Intelligent Company of the Year Award is a team challenge for UK businesses, run in association with British Mensa in 4 categories:

  • Microenterprise (5-10)
  • Small business (11-50)
  • Medium business (51-250)
  • Enterprise (251+)

In the first round, teams from participating businesses complete a timed, online test. Employees that get a good mean score will progress to the second round and have the Supervised Mensa IQ test carried out.

The Intelligent Company of the Year Award will be handed out in each category to the 3 organisations that achieve the highest average IQ score.

All participating companies will be featured on the Intelligent Company of the Year website but only the winning companies will have their average team scores listed.

The results and rankings of participating companies will be handled confidentially. The testing of individuals is carried out in accordance with official Mensa protocol, with each individuals receiving exclusive access to their own results.

How to apply

  1. Registering the organisation You can register your organisation by filling in the registration form. Please note there is a minimum size applicable to teams that depends on the size of the organisation. Please enter the total number of employees first for the number of minimum required team members to appear.

  2. Registering individual members Upon successful registration, you will receive an email requesting the names and company email addresses of individual team members. You can forward this email on to your colleagues who would like to sign up for the competition.

  3. Payment of the registration fee The registration fee is £32 per team member and will be invoiced upon the completion of step 2 i.e. when all participating team members have signed up.

The competition's detailed terms and conditions are to be found here.

Why you should enter

Nearly everyone has asked themselves at some point: “What is my IQ?”. There are practically no valid IQ tests on the internet - at least not for free -, in spite of some webpages trying to convince you of the opposite (and claiming a fee to actually show you your result in some cases). Developing an IQ test is very expensive, and can take years to complete, with the risk of it being compromised if it becomes publicly available.

While traditional IQ tests present a fixed series of tasks for each individual, the “adaptive” test used in the first round of this contest ensures that each participant - following a random first question - gets the consecutive questions based on their previous answers. This means the test calibrates itself to the IQ level of the given individual.

Doing this in a team is even more challenging. Although tests are to be completed by each individual, sharing experiences, the possibility of carrying off the prize as the most intelligent company is very rewarding.

For businesses

  • Entering a competition together is a fun team bonding activity which can benefit any team, department or company.
  • The opportunity to take an official IQ test can help create and maintain employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Employees who perform in the global top 2% will be invited to join British Mensa.
  • Both individual and company-level results are strictly confidential.
  • As it is an annual competition, it is a great opportunity to start a company tradition and participate every year.
  • Winning companies will receive their customised “Intelligent Company of the Year” badge which they will be able to use offline and online.


For employees

  • Taking the official Mensa IQ test is fun, especially since it also gives an official, globally accepted, certificate.
  • Those achieving the best scores in the first round will be invited to take place in the second.
  • We guarantee  - in accordance with British Mensa's privacy policy - that your individual results will be sent only to you. Neither participants nor company management is entitled to view your results - that would be an invasion of your privacy.
  • If your individual test result is in the top 2%, you will be invited to join Mensa, the high IQ society.


If you are an employee, we encourage you to tell your manager about the contest!


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