Teaming up with Mensa
In the UK, there are many good companies - the back bone of these companies is good people who are dynamic, forward thinking and creative. Highly intelligent employees.

The Intelligent Company of the Year award was launched in Hungary five years ago, with companies putting their employees forward for assessment to decide which business had the most intelligent workers.

British Mensa is now working with the Intelligent Company of the Year team to launch a similar talent search in the UK.

Entrants will sit an official Mensa IQ test, with their results counting towards their company’s overall score. In line with Mensa’s testing protocol, only the individual employees will be given their personal IQ scores, in the strictest confidence.

Entries close on June 30. It would be good to see employees from companies team up with their colleagues to enter, challenge themselves and showcase the intelligence that they have in your company.

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