Introducing the winners
The Intelligent Company of the Year Awards has been successfully running overseas for 4 years now — and it is now open for UK businesses.

Employees show their enthusiasm for the competition by convincing their workplaces to enter year after year. However, it is always the winners who are the happiest: “Our people were happy to challenge themselves; we could tell by the sheer number of colleagues who volunteered: with 150 participants, Nokia Networks has delegated the largest team to the Hungarian competition. I am grateful to everyone who helped us to take home the Intelligent Company of the Year Award this year,” Bela Zagyva, Managing Director of Nokia Networks and Solutions, said.

Roland Jakab, Ericsson Hungary Managing Director, has accepted the award for the second year in a row: “It is a huge success for our team to have proven ourselves again and took home the trophy for the second time. 40% of the world’s mobile traffic involves Ericsson’s networks, so it is key that we have brilliant minds as engineers. Our 2,000 engineers in Hungary play a crucial role in realising our vision of the Networked Society."

"We have always been confident that we have the most intelligent people in the industry on our team and now we are proud to see our recruitment efforts proven by the results of the competition. We believe that, with our joint effort as a team, we are able to provide the best solutions for any kind of problem." - said the 2017 winner of the Small Business category, SuIT Solutions.

Gyorgy Nagy, Country Manager of Medium Business category winner Sigma Solutions commented: “Many people think that leading an intelligent engineering business like Sigma must be hard work. That is not necessarily the case: I do believe that picking the most suitable person for each task is the key to productivity, someone who is more capable and more intelligent in that aspect than the recruitment manager himself. Once we get this right, all we have to do is provide direction and the working conditions to support them. Two thirds of our Budapest-based employees took part in the competition, reaching the highest possible score, so I can say with full confidence that I am working with outstanding software engineers, technical copywriters and graphic designers on making new technologies available for the public."

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