Intelligent Businesses
The Intelligent Company of the Year Award is on the lookout for the small, medium and large enterprises with the most intelligent employees and we have the tests to find them.

The race is on for the Intelligent Company of the Year 2018 title. Organisations who would like to take part in this fun and challenging competition are encouraged to assemble a team of volunteers who are keen on taking a confidential IQ test at work to find out whether they are among the most intelligent employees in the UK.

The rules are simple: in order to win, each team has to score the highest average intelligence quotient in its own category. Round 1 of the competition comprises a 30-minute online test, after which the highest performing teams will be invited to take part in the Round 2: a controlled, on-site test delivered by British Mensa.

The organisers of the competition will of course treat both employees' and organisations' results confidentially. Any participating employee will only be able to view their own individual results, and only the businesses with the ten highest average scores will be named after Round 1. Following Round 2, the three highest scorers will receive the Intelligent Business of the Year Award, presented by British Mensa, the high IQ society.

To enter the competition, register your organisation before the end of May and start assembling the winning team now.

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Plant Integrity Management
Prepress Projects Ltd
Shepherds Friendly Society Ltd
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