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PR and HR teams increasingly work together to find innovative ways to engage employees and raise employer profiles.

In today's multitude of business awards, employee satisfaction schemes and benefits packages, it can still be challenging to find a programme that engages employees of all ages, interests, personalities or fitness levels. The Intelligent Company of the Year Award presented by British Mensa is for everyone who likes a challenge and its badge of excellence serves as an undeniable accolade and provides a great PR opportunity.

The competition is perhaps even more meaningful for Human Resources: it brings together sometimes up to 200 people from within the same organisation who otherwise do not interact with each other during their day-to-day work. A quick, easy-to-complete, but mentally challenging activity like this competition is a great opportunity for businesses to engage and galvanise their employees. Taking the official Mensa test is an incentive that is meaningful on both an organisational and a personal level: who wouldn’t want to find out their official IQ score?

The Intelligent Company of the Year competition treats the results of each participant confidentially, without the risk of revealing it to the employer or colleagues. Achievements are always a team effort, as company scores are calculated based on the average results of test-takers.

In previous years, organisers have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from HR managers and Internal Communications professionals. Besides raising employee engagement and satisfaction, the competition is also a great tool for attracting new talent — who wouldn’t want to work among brilliant people and at an organisation that enables them to take part in enjoyable intellectual challenges like the Intelligent Company of the Year Award?

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