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The application is completed in three steps:


1: Registering the Company

The Company shall register by filling in a simple on-line registration form ►HERE.

You will need to indicate the size of the team and other basic information. The minimum number of participating employees depends on the size of the company: the larger the company, the smaller the ratio of minimum participants. (For exact calculation, see the end of the Registration Form, and fill in “number of employees”)

2: Registering participating employees

When registering your Company, you will be asked to give basic details of employees representing the Company in the contest. You will receive an email message following the completion of step 1, with a link. The link directs to a page where details of participating employees shall be filled in. Following this, we can inform them directly about the contest.

You can either collect the data from your employees and fill in the application yourself, or send the link to those interested in the contest, and ask them to complete the form with their own data.

3.    Registration fee

The final requirement for completing the application is the payment of the registration fee on time.

The registration fee is £32 per entrant, to be invoiced following the completion of step 2.

Plant Integrity Management
Prepress Projects Ltd
Shepherds Friendly Society Ltd
Winners of the past shall be presented below
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