Terms and conditions

Application Terms and Conditions

Organization tasks in connection with the “Intelligent Company of the Year” award shall be carried out by Intelligent Company Award Ltd. , hereinafter: Organizer. The Participant, by filling in the on-line Application Form, enters into an agreement with the Organizer.

Completion of the on-line Application Form shall be regarded as official order, implying payment obligation. Following the 2-step Application process organizer shall issue an invoice for the Participant, the amount of which shall be calculated based on the number of participating employees, i.e. 32 GBP per person.

Participation of a Company in the contest shall become definitive upon the payment of the Registration Fee. Should the Participant fail to settle the Registration Fee by the deadline indicated on the prepayment document, the Organizer shall have the right to reject the Application of the given Company.

Should the Participant cancel its registration prior to the application deadline, the Organizer shall refund the Registration Fee in full to the Participant. Following the application deadline, the registration fee will not be refunded. Cancellation shall be accepted by the Organizer only in written form, sent to info@intelligentcompany.org email address.

Participant hereto accepts that Organizer publishes only the names of the the highest ranking 10 Companies which complete the contest. The Participant also accepts that delegated employees only shall be informed about their individual results.

Employees taking part in the contest (i.e. delegates of the Participants), who have in the past completed an official Mensa test, do not need to take the test again. The fact of the completed test shall be indicated during registration, which means these employees shall take part in the contest with their existing results.

The Participant understands and agrees to be bound by the Application Terms and Conditions.

Privacy policy

Organisers take a number of steps to ensure responsible handling and storage of any data, and acts in compliance with relevant legal requirements on EU data handling.

We collect, store and manage data only in compliance with relevant legislation. We do not send unsolicited emails.

We do not disclose, forward or publish personal data to third parties - except in cases defined by law. Disclosure of personal data will take place exclusively under the relevant provision of law, or upon the consent of the person it concerns, and with the content defined by law.

The data manager will provide information to the owner of the personal data of their stored personal data, as well as legal grounds, goal, term, and to whom and for what reason can the data be disclosed. The data manager will give the requested information in writing within 30 days from receiving such request.

Registered persons are entitled to request the correction, blocking or deletion of their personal data. The data manager will delete the data within 7 business days from the receipt of such request. Deleted data will not be restored. Deletion does not apply to data requested by provisions of law, those will be stored for the term defined in the law.

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